UK Military Airfields (Freeware/FSX & FS2004)

A great little collection of freeware military airfield

If you’re an owner of FSX or FS2004¬†and you’re a fan of VFR or military aircraft flying, then you may well be interested in this small range of freeware military airfields, available from

The freeware comes from two different creators, the Airfield Construction Group and John Young of UKMil. Highly detailed and well made, these additions make flying in and out of these small airfields a pleasure and more realistic experience.

IWM Duxford Freeware Airfield

I’ve linked the separate airfield download pages below, in case there’s one that particularly strikes your fancy.

By the Airfield Construction Group:
IWM Duxford
RAF Bentwaters & Woodbridge
RAF Marham

By John Young (UKMil)
RAF Coningsby
RAF Waddington

RAF Waddington by John Young

You can find the JustFlight Military Airfields category page by clicking HERE

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