Star Wars Incom T-65 X-Wing (Freeware/FSX)

A quick look at an X-Wing Fighter to celebrate Star Wars Day (May 4th) 2017

As it’s International Star Wars Day today, I couldn’t help but have a bit of a dig around to see if I could locate something related that I could throw about in FSX late this evening.

And behold, I found an X-Wing!

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The Incom T-65 X-Wing (

If I’m honest, when I first booted the model up into FSX, I wasn’t really expecting an awful lot.  The X-Wing was originally built for FS2004 and ported over to FSX, a process that can have varying results.  Additionally, texturing and rendering have improved significantly since the days of FS2004 and this means that some earlier models can look like they might have been built from cereal cartons and sticky tape.


In the case of this marvellous little freeware though, I was very pleasantly surprised.  Yes, the model does look a little dated compared to some of the newer aircraft that we’re able to pick up for our sims now but it still looks plenty good enough to make me feel like I’m 7 years old again.

It also has some really epic features that only served to further enhance my regression to early childhood.  Things like the top of R2-D2 turning left and right in line with any rudder inputs and the ability to change the wing formation from flat into that legendary “X” shape from which it derives it’s name, just about busted my ‘coolometer’.


Ohh, and in terms of flight dynamics, Holy Hell!

It’s so fast that I kept looking for the ‘Ludicrous Speed’ throttle setting (bonus points if you get that pop-culture reference) and so agile it’ll make Lord Vader’s helmet spin.  Not only that, but the flap settings have been cleverly designed so that it’s possible to fly at a shade over 10 knots.  Meaning that you can just about grab a Banther Burger & Salamander Stick from the local Intergalactic Fly-Thru on your way home. (What?  Bringing the Empire to it’s knees is hungry work!)


All in all, despite being an older-generation flight sim craft, it’s bloody brilliant!  If you’re one of the wonderful ‘Generation-X’ kids (as I am), then I’m pretty certain that you’ll get some real pleasure in taking the X-wing out every so often.


Now I just need a Death Star to blow up and my night will be complete.


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