Aeroplane Heaven’s Spitfire Mk IV (Payware/FSX)

A good look at the wonderful Spitfire MkIV from Aeroplane Heaven and

As a youngster I was almost permanently fascinated by the Spitfire, possibly the best known of all the aircraft used by Great Britain in WWII.  Graceful, elegant and yet deadly against it’s foes,  it will always be one of the most legendary aircraft ever to have graced our skies.

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Alabeo’s Extra 300S (Payware/FSX & P3D)

A little write-up from my messing around in the Alabeo Extra 300S

The Extra 300S is a single seat variant of the original Extra 300 twin seat aerobatic light aircraft.  It’s one of the better known aerobatic planes and has been piloted to victory in any number of aerobatic competitions.  It’s also the craft favoured by The Blades Aerobatic Display Team, a well known team from the UK who have used the 300S for a number of years. Continue reading “Alabeo’s Extra 300S (Payware/FSX & P3D)”