Computer Cases and Towers

A short look at the styles and variations of computer cases and towers.

In the previous post, I took a look at the four main categories that make up a computer system.  In the next post, I’m going to look at the components which are inside the case itself.

Before I get there, I’d just like to spend a few minutes looking at the cases which house all of the components I’ll be looking at. Continue reading “Computer Cases and Towers”

The Basics – What Makes Up A Computer

The four main categories of computer hardware and how they link to complete a computer system.

This first post covers the four main categories of PC hardware components and how they link together to complete a computer system.  Every computer system is made up of the first three categories below, with practically every system containing at least one item in the last category (Peripheral Devices). Continue reading “The Basics – What Makes Up A Computer”