My Recent Absence

This probably isn’t something that I’ll do to often, but as the events of the last couple of weeks have resulted in me not getting my energy levels or concentration up enough to be able to post anything here, I felt that it was relevant and decided to make a brief note of explanation.

The weekend before last, I was endeavoring to repair an electrical fault on my pickup truck when I somehow managed to twist a little strangely and put my back out.  This isn’t anything particularly new, I’ve got a slight curvature of the spine that can cause the odd problem every now and then if I’m not paying attention to what I’m doing and these problems normally settle down after a couple of days.

As I’ve been sub-contracting for a landscaping company, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and took a few days off.  Unfortunately, the back ‘injury’ got steadily worse and, following a visit to the docs, I’ve been diagnosed with some form of bone degeneration that’s affecting the nerves in my back and arms (I’ve been getting some minor discomfort in my arms as well).An exact diagnosis is still outstanding and dependant on test results.

End result is that I’m now taking enough meds to make me rattle when I move, had to stop the landscaping (which means I’m out of work in a semi-permanent sort of way) and have spent the last two weeks in varying amounts of pain. The worst of which making it impossible to sleep or rest for almost 3 straight days (which, as you can imagine, did absolutely nothing for my mood whatsoever ).

And finally, just to put the icing on the cake, my beloved Land Rover went into the local shop to have her rear diff replaced and an MOT Test, only to fail in a rather cataclysmic fashion and to a tune of around £1500 worth of needed repair and replacement. This does present something of an issue that I’m going to have to work out reasonably quickly, as I presently have no transport at all (the pickup still has the electrical fault so isn’t usable either).

Still, it could be worse and a solution to some or all of the above will present itself in due course (as these things tend to do).  In the meantime, and now that I’m able to pull together some concentration again, I’m aiming to get the blog moving with some posts again by the weekend. Normal service to be resumed, as they say.

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