Getting Behind & FS Related Posts

A short update to my plans for the site.

Since I wrote that I would be posting stuff related to flight simulators and FSX on this blog, so far I’ve found the time to add three posts related to the subject.  I’d hoped to be able to balance the computer technology posts out with them a little more than that, but that hasn’t quite worked out the way I’d planned.

If I’m honest though, and while it’s mainly due to some personal issues, it’s also partially to do with spending the spare time that I’ve managed to grab flying rather than writing. 😜

That said, I do have a few posts in the pipeline that will (hopefully) begin to get finished over the next few days;

  • A review of the Alabeo Extra 300S (payware model)
  • A guide to VOR Navigation
  • A look at a pretty neat freeware addon combination to give FSX a better visual impact
  • A look at Orbx Global scenery
  • A look at a potentially great freeware helicopter

The other significant addition to the blog will be a weekly Photo Log Book of my flights, most likely to be posted at some point on a Sunday.  It’ll probably be a pretty fluid affair depending on what I’ve been up to, but I’m hopeful that it might offer a little inspiration for some flight sim activities to try out.

Naturally, I’ll also be continuing with the computer technology posts as I carry on with my studies.  They’ve already proved to be pretty helpful in retaining the information so it’s a worthwhile activity for me. If anyone else is finding any of it interesting; Bonus Points! 🙌

Ok, so that about wraps it up for the moment. Time to get to work on some of this stuff!

Be safe folks.

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