Flight Simulator Freeware

Aircraft, scenery and other items to download for your flight simulator, totally free of charge.

Fly Away Simulation

– One of the biggest and most well organized file libraries there is. The library covers aircraft addons and scenery expansions, including mods and downloads for Microsoft FSX, Microsoft FS 2004, X-Plane and many earlier versions.


– Download for free hundreds of best quality add-ons for your favorite flight simulators (FSX, P3D & FS2004).

Weekly Roundup – 14.04.2017

Another busy week, plus the usual new articles and Twitter highlights.

It’s been another busy week over here, with quite a number of articles being posted and developments to the site itself still happening.  I’ve also managed to complete some more articles around CIT which will get posted over the next week or so.

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Flight Simulator X

Flight Simulator X is Microsoft/Dovetail Games” latest offering in their long line of Flight Sim software.

Flight Simulator X
Flight Simulator X (more commonly known as FSX by it’s users) is Microsofts’ latest offering in their long line of Flight Sim software.  Despite it being the latest, FSX is now over ten years old with it’s original European version having been released on October 13 2006. Since it’s inception, FSX has seen two Service Pack updates (known as SP1 and SP2) and an the ‘Acceleration’ Expansion.  In 2014, Microsoft signed a licencsing deal with Dovetail Games who then took over development of the software. Continue reading “Flight Simulator X”

Getting Behind & FS Related Posts

A short update to my plans for the site.

Since I wrote that I would be posting stuff related to flight simulators and FSX on this blog, so far I’ve found the time to add three posts related to the subject.  I’d hoped to be able to balance the computer technology posts out with them a little more than that, but that hasn’t quite worked out the way I’d planned.
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Blog News – A Small Change

The first SpenceTecUK.com news post – plans and ideas

Welcome to my first short ramble about ideas, plans or changes that I have in mind, or have started implementing on the blog.  I don’t have any consistency mapped out with these, so they’re likely to be fairly ad-hoc.  In the mean time though… Continue reading “Blog News – A Small Change”