Weekly Roundup – 14.04.2017

Another busy week, plus the usual new articles and Twitter highlights.

It’s been another busy week over here, with quite a number of articles being posted and developments to the site itself still happening.  I’ve also managed to complete some more articles around CIT which will get posted over the next week or so.

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Weekly Roundup – 07.04.17

Site moved and updated. This week on twitter and Coming Soon

Site Updates
It’s been a busy week over here in the SpenceTecUK camp with lots of changes being made to the site and some articles (to be posted next week) written up and lightly polished.

Among the changes that can be seen are:

  • The completed move across to a new home, here at SpenceTecUK.com
  • Addition of a much more comprehensive menu, to make it easier to find articles and pages on the site
  • Addition of a number of pages with information and links to different subjects and articles within the site.

This Weeks’ Articles

This Week on Twitter

You may or may not follow me on Twitter, but here are links to some of the best, worst or strangest (related) articles that I’ve seen, and retweeted, this week.

Coming Soon
Coming this week are a couple of articles around computer networking and associated devices, as well as information around creating high quality passwords and a potential aircraft review for FSX towards the end of next week.

Moving my Virtual Home…

Just a very quick note to say that I’ll be attempting to transfer all of my previous posts across from my other blog over the next few days. 

Over the last few days, I’ve been moving the blog from it’s old home, over on Blogger, to it’s new home here on WordPress.  The process was actually a lot more straightforward than I’d anticipated and, as of today, it’s more or less up and running.

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Getting Behind & FS Related Posts

A short update to my plans for the site.

Since I wrote that I would be posting stuff related to flight simulators and FSX on this blog, so far I’ve found the time to add three posts related to the subject.  I’d hoped to be able to balance the computer technology posts out with them a little more than that, but that hasn’t quite worked out the way I’d planned.
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Blog News – A Small Change

The first SpenceTecUK.com news post – plans and ideas

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