Weekly Roundup – 07.04.17

Site moved and updated. This week on twitter and Coming Soon

Site Updates
It’s been a busy week over here in the SpenceTecUK camp with lots of changes being made to the site and some articles (to be posted next week) written up and lightly polished.

Among the changes that can be seen are:

  • The completed move across to a new home, here at SpenceTecUK.com
  • Addition of a much more comprehensive menu, to make it easier to find articles and pages on the site
  • Addition of a number of pages with information and links to different subjects and articles within the site.

This Weeks’ Articles

This Week on Twitter

You may or may not follow me on Twitter, but here are links to some of the best, worst or strangest (related) articles that I’ve seen, and retweeted, this week.

Coming Soon
Coming this week are a couple of articles around computer networking and associated devices, as well as information around creating high quality passwords and a potential aircraft review for FSX towards the end of next week.

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