Photo Log Book Week #4 – 02 April 2017 to 08 April 2017

Back from Singapore. Some heli flights & a little history. VA flights to Tokyo, London & Istanbul.

It’s been a slower week for my flying this week, with some personal stuff to attend to during the early part and working hard to get the site where I wanted it to be towards the end. Even so, I’ve managed to get a few hours in and even found a short while to get onto IVAO for the first time to try things out.

Heading out from Singapore (WSSS) on route to London Heathrow (EGLL) in a Fly UK Boeing 777-200LR.  Sorry there’s no pics of landing back in London, had some computer technical issues that sometimes present towards the end of long haul flights.

The following day after the 14 or so hour flight from Singapore, I fancied something a little different.  Taking an EC-135 (VIP loadout) across towards the East of England.  I then swapped to a rescue fitted 135 and spent some time over the next couple of days flying short hops around the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.

I’ve been looking to get hold of a Supermarine Spitfire for a while now.  One of my favorite aircraft and instrumental in the Battle of Britain during WWII.  I finally decided to take a closer look at a couple of models I’d seen previously and ended up hooking this version for next to nothing, using my reward points from

This was her maiden flight, taking off from a tiny airfield in Norfolk, England (EGSK) and spending some time cruising around the countryside, getting used to how she flies.  I won’t say too much more for now, but I’m itching to do a couple of decent test flights in her over the next few days and I’ll post a review of her sometime then.

I’ve not flown much in the way of scheduled flights in the last couple of weeks. Although what I have flown have typically been long haul. I also rarely fly the Boeing 747-400, so I’ve taken the opportunity to get a few extra snaps of her in her Fly UK livery as I take a journey to Tokyo and back.

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