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Snappy Goat is a stock photo website with almost 14 million images available to download and use under the CC0 Creative Commons Licence

No attribution to the creators is required under the licence and images can even be used for commercial purposes.

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100 Of The Most Common Passwords

The ‘Wonderful 100’ – 100 of the most used passwords

This is a simple list of the top 100 most common passwords. This list does change and move around regularly and will sometimes appear in a different order. Some passwords become more common, others less so and sometimes new passwords will appear (The release of Star Wars Episode VII, towards the end of 2015 caused a huge influx of related passwords in 2016, so steer clear of those too). This wonderful 100 have been around a while and, sadly, hasn’t changed much.

If you’re using any of these passwords for any of your accounts or devices, I’d strongly recommend that you change them immediately Warning: Contains explicit language

  1. password

  2. 123456

  3. 12345678

  4. 1234

  5. qwerty

  6. 12345

  7. dragon

  8. pussy

  9. baseball

  10. football

  11. letmein

  12. monkey

  13. 696969

  14. abc123

  15. mustang

  16. michael

  17. shadow

  18. master

  19. jennifer

  20. 111111

  21. 2000

  22. jordan

  23. superman

  24. harley

  25. 1234567

  26. fuckme

  27. hunter

  28. fuckyou

  29. trustno1

  30. ranger

  31. buster

  32. thomas

  33. tigger

  34. robert

  35. soccer

  36. fuck

  37. batman

  38. test

  39. pass

  40. killer

  41. hockey

  42. george

  43. charlie

  44. andrew

  45. michelle

  46. love

  47. sunshine

  48. jessica

  49. asshole

  50. 6969

  51. pepper

  52. daniel

  53. access

  54. 123456789

  55. 654321

  56. joshua

  57. maggie

  58. starwars

  59. silver

  60. william

  61. dallas

  62. yankees

  63. 123123

  64. ashley

  65. 666666

  66. hello

  67. amanda

  68. orange

  69. biteme

  70. freedom

  71. computer

  72. sexy

  73. thunder

  74. nicole

  75. ginger

  76. heather

  77. hammer

  78. summer

  79. corvette

  80. taylor

  81. fucker

  82. austin

  83. 1111

  84. merlin

  85. matthew

  86. 121212

  87. golfer

  88. cheese

  89. princess

  90. martin

  91. chelsea

  92. patrick

  93. richard

  94. diamond

  95. yellow

  96. bigdog

  97. secret

  98. asdfgh

  99. sparky

  100. cowboy

We Still Don’t Protect Ourselves – Some Password Statistics

A look at some facts and figures about password security

It’s absolutely everywhere.  Every account we have, every time we sign up for something online; “Choose a strong password”.  The vast majority of us know that strong passwords are one of the most important aspects to keeping our lives in cyberspace secure, and yet, it seems we’re hell bent on continuing to do the virtual equivalent of ‘leaving the key in the lock’. Continue reading “We Still Don’t Protect Ourselves – Some Password Statistics”

Airshow Pilot (Payware/FSX)

A review of the Airshow Pilot addon payware for FSX

Airshow Pilot is, more or less, exactly what it says on the tin. All about flying aerobatic (or non-aerobatic, if you want a real challenge) aircraft through a variety of different and challenging maneuvers.  If you’ve never tried aerobatics before, not to worry, the program comes complete with an entire range of figures to learn as you go.

Airshow Pilot is all about accurate, precision flying at air shows, whether you’re in an aerobatic Extra, a passenger airliner or a Hawk fast jet trainer – or any aircraft that you have installed in FSX!


The software itself works with FSX, unobtrusively loading additional information into the base software when you click to load your flight up or, if you’ve loaded Airshow Pilot up first, the software automatically loads FSX when you click to start a flight. Once you have your flight loaded into FSX and you’re on the ground, Airshow Pilot provides messages at the top of the screen to let you know where you need to place your aircraft to start the routine and continues to provide instructions to start the figures as you fly.

Once completed, it’ll be time to return to the ground.  Once you’ve landed, FSX has to be closed so that the software can take the ‘in flight data’  and calculate the results.  This is one of the few things that I don’t like about the program as it results in gaps in between each practice/competition attempt.  When you’re flying a single maneuver in training, it can become a bit slow going.

At an Airshow Pilot event with the crowds, balloons and (most importantly) fast food vendors for after your flight!

Additionally, in training and practice, the moves required are marked in the sky with small paper aeroplanes, placed in between ‘gates’, giving you a visual impression of what’s needed. Also, in regards to training, every different aerobatic maneuver can practiced individually, helping to hone those skills to perfection. Alternatively, you can choose the next event in the calender and practice the associated string of moves in one programme.

The Event Calender screen of Airshow Pilot

Maneuvers are grouped into difficulty two difficulty levels, ‘Sportman’ and ‘Advanced’, enabling you to choose how challenging you want things to be. There’s also a ‘Display Flight’ category, comprising of just two fly-past figures. These two figures can be flown in absolutely any aircraft you like, the bigger the better, so if you’ve ever wanted to ‘buzz’ the tower and crowds watching the performance, now is your chance.

The Training Page with a list of the possible figures

So far, looks like fun right?

Well, that’s not all of it. The software also comes complete with a set of editors, so you can create your own, completely custom, airshows that fly out of your favorite airport/airfield. I’m sorry to say that I’ve not found the time to really play much with that side of the software yet, but I may well revisit this post with an update when I get around to it.

That said, from what I have seen of the editing side it looks reasonably straight forwards, although I had one or two false starts.  What I’ll say at this stage is that if you’re pretty much a beginner with how FSX works, it may be best to leave this for the time being and come back to it later.

One of the things I was looking forwards to trying out was the online competition part of the software.  Unfortunately, it seems that the online servers are no longer maintained as I’ve been entirely unable to get a connection, receiving a 404 (not found) response when I try.


  • Great fun
  • Good aerobatic figures selection
  • Enjoyable Competition Calender


  • Online competitions are no longer available
  • FSX has to be closed after every Airshow Pilot flight
  • Associated editor programs aren’t very intuitive

Is it worth the $18 or so? Oh yes, definitely. If you enjoy the idea of aerobatci flying and want to have a go at learning the various figures, stringing them together in order to make a routine and, perhaps, even creating your own competitions, then this is definitely worth the low price.

Download Links

Getting Connected – Network Devices

A look at different network devices and the functions they perform

There are a variety of different devices that can be used to connect other devices to a network such as; switches, routers and access points.  Other devices, such as Patch Panels, can be used to distribute network access throughout a building.  Due to the way that networking has evolved, older technology components, such as hubs, bridges and repeaters, can often still be found within network systems. Continue reading “Getting Connected – Network Devices”

An Overview of Network Types

A brief look at different network types

Definition of a Network
A network is a group of computers that are all connected together in order to share other connected resources. These resources include files, printers, databases and, of course, an internet connection.  Whether a network is a wired one or wireless, they will always be made up of a certain amount of network media such as;  Continue reading “An Overview of Network Types”


A resource of over 920,000 royalty free stock images, vectors and illustrations

Pixabay is a website with over 900,000 royalty free images available to use for any purpose under the CC0 Creative Commons licence.


No attribution to the creators is required under the licence and images can even be used for commercial purposes.

If you’re a digital creator, web designer or graphics editor then this could well be a very useful resource for you.

Photo Log Book Week #4 – 02 April 2017 to 08 April 2017

Back from Singapore. Some heli flights & a little history. VA flights to Tokyo, London & Istanbul.

It’s been a slower week for my flying this week, with some personal stuff to attend to during the early part and working hard to get the site where I wanted it to be towards the end. Even so, I’ve managed to get a few hours in and even found a short while to get onto IVAO for the first time to try things out. Continue reading “Photo Log Book Week #4 – 02 April 2017 to 08 April 2017”