Getting Connected – Network Devices

A look at different network devices and the functions they perform

There are a variety of different devices that can be used to connect other devices to a network such as; switches, routers and access points.  Other devices, such as Patch Panels, can be used to distribute network access throughout a building.  Due to the way that networking has evolved, older technology components, such as hubs, bridges and repeaters, can often still be found within network systems. Continue reading “Getting Connected – Network Devices”

Wireless Device Connections

The varied wireless device connections – Not just about Wi-Fi!

As computer technology has improved and evolved, wireless connections are rapidly becoming the primary connection method for all manner of computer components and devices.  However, when someone says ‘wireless’ to us, most of us automatically first think of Wi-Fi, either in our home or with related hotspots.   Continue reading “Wireless Device Connections”

IEEE 1394, Thunderbolt & SATA Connections

Some of the slightly less common, but no less important connection types

IEE 1394
The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 1394 connection is a high speed interface for peripheal devices that are designed to use the IEEE 1394 Standard.  Products that use this standard include Apple’s FireWire, Texas Instruments Lynx and the Sony Corporations iLink.
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Universal Serial Bus (USB) Connections

A delve into the familiar Universal Serial Bus (USB) connections.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Connections are used to connect multiple computer peripherals to a single port on a personal computer.  These connections provide high performance and require minimal device configuration.  USB connections provide support for hot-plugging, enabling the user to connect devices to a computer without powering down the system (commonly known as Plug-and-Play) as well as high-speed two way communication.

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An Overview of Connection Interfaces

An introduction to how computers and peripherals communicate

As has been identified in other posts I’ve made here, personal computers are made up of a number of various components in order to form a complete system.  Each of these components need to be able to communicate with others in order for the system to function correctly.

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