About SpenceTecUK.com

Information about the web site and it’s content

A Little Bit of History
This site originally started out over on Blogger in the early part of 2017 as a way to assist me in studying for my CompTIA A+ certification.  However, as often happens with my somewhat erratic multi-directional attention span, the site began to take on something that resembled a life of it’s own.  Once that started to happen, I quickly found that I wasn’t quite able to quite make the site what I wanted in it’s present incarnation.

At that point, I decided it was time to move home and on 30th/31st March 2017 I started moving home to where you’re reading this now.  Now that the move is over, the site is now taking a shape much closer to the one I had been visualising.

What’s Here?

Other than all of the above, there may be times when I’ll post something completely off the reservation that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories. Something that, for whatever reason, has made an impact on me and I’d like to share.

If you’ve got a question or a suggestion for something you’d like to see, please drop a line through the contact page.

Enjoy the ride!

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