Blog News – A Small Change

The first news post – plans and ideas

Welcome to my first short ramble about ideas, plans or changes that I have in mind, or have started implementing on the blog.  I don’t have any consistency mapped out with these, so they’re likely to be fairly ad-hoc.  In the mean time though…

Flight Simulators

With the rather foul and miserable weather that we’ve been having here in the UK over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had some time to spend messing about with Flight Simulator X a bit more, in between writing the posts for my studying.

Since I’m entirely unable to leave things alone and insist in having to tweak things here and there, I’ll be adding Flight Simulator related posts into the mix here as well.

I’m not sure of the entire scope yet (and to a degree it does depend on how much time I have free to write such things) but some of the info will certainly cover the following:

  • Addon Aircraft Reviews
  • Other addon reviews
  • Tips, tricks and tutorials

Most of the information will be centered around Flight Simulator X (FSX), but I may add other stuff if find it interesting enough and (maybe) relevant.

About Page
I’ve finally got around to adding the About Page to the blog.  Not too much in there but, if such things interest you, there’s a little about me and the blog.
That’s about it for now..
Have fun 😊

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