Photo Log Book Week #1 – Tue 14 Mar 2017 to Sat 18 Mar 2017

A final ‘goodbye’ tour in the MD-11 & first flight of a freeware Eurocopter EC-135

Ok, here’s the first of my Photo Log Book entries of my flights (and antics) in the world of flight simulation.

To get this going with something a little special, I’m starting a farewell journey for one of Fly UK’s cargo planes as they prepare to retire her from the fleet.  The McDonnell Douglas MD11-F has served the airline well, but with the strength and popularity of the Boeing craft in the fleet, it’s time for the MD11 to take a well earned rest.

The MD11-F

Before she finally goes, I’m going to take one last jaunt with her on a 16 stop, 19,000 mile tour to Alaska – The Alaskan Delivery Tour.  The tour begins at London Stansted (EGSS) and takes a route across the North Atlantic Ocean and America, making cargo stops along the way, before reaching it’s furthest destination at Ketchikan (PAKT).

We then circle back for another loop across North America, collecting another round of cargo and delivering to Ketchikan. Once that’s done, we’re homeward bound with a final 4 stop loop to pick up plenty of souvenirs before heading back to London Stansted.

Home in time for tea and medals. 🎖😄

Take off clearance received from London Stansted


Final Approach @ Keflavic


Out of 9,500 for 5,400 and turning right heading 240 degrees for approach to Narsaruaq
-5 C out on the runway – Announcing Takeoff
Dismal weather and a difficult landing at Kennedy International


An early 4am (local time) start from KJFK this morning
Taxiing @ Ketchikan Intl. First delivery to Alaska complete


Landing with the sunset @ Boeing Field
Another early start, this time from Boeing Field heading off to Ontario


Heading out again from Seattle to make our second (and final) delivery to Ketchikan
I don’t think it ever stops raining here.. Taxiing again @ Ketchikan
Above the Columbia Mountains heading back to Boeing Fields
Approaching in the moonlight to Keflavic


My last MD11-F Take off for Fly UK, leaving Keflavic


And finally back at London Stansted. The MD-11’s final operational flight coming to an end.

Now that I’ve given the MD-11 an honourable exit from service, with some breathtaking scenery and very enjoyable flights, it’s time to head off on another adventure.

I’ve made promises of reviewing a couple of aircraft over the coming week or two, and I think now may well be a good time to do that.  So with that in mind, I’ve decided to make my way over to Ireland, initially to George Best Belfast City Airport (EGAC), and jump onto a tour of the ‘Emerald Isle’ (generously provided by Fly UK and it’s flying club).  A fairly short, 14 leg, tour it should provide ample opportunity for me to do some decent flight tests of both the H&S Design EC-135 and the Alabeo Extra 300S.

First (full) test flight in the freeware EC135 (VIP Setup)
Flying from London Stansted (EGSS) to London City (EGCL) via Southend (EGMC) and the Thames Estury.

And that’s where I’ll sign off on this week’s log, with me grabbing an overnight rest at London City Airport before taking a scheduled Fly UK flight over to Aldergrove Airport (EGAA) in the morning to begin our exploration of Ireland in the EC-135 and Extra 300S.

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